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Pass your driving test in one week.

Intensive Driving Courses Barnsley

Are you aiming to pass your driving test fast in Barnsley? Then look no further! Intensive Driving School specialise in helping student drivers to pass their driving test within as little as a week.

Studies have revealed that taking an intensive driving course, often referred to as a ‘crash course or fast pass course’ could really improve your opportunities of passing and can be more cost-efficient than numerous months of weekly lessons. 

Booking your Intensive Course In Barnsley

Our extensive driving courses have actually been created to provide fantastic results and safely get you on the road within the quickest possible time. For the complete beginner, we offer a 45 hour gold course which is usually taken over a 2 week period, with a practical test taken on the final day. If you have recently failed a driving test, then have a look at our 5 hour re-test course.

Our office based consumer assistance team are experts at finding short notification tests. Your allocated driving trainer will be fully certified and equipped with the necessary skills to assist you pass your driving test. We can pick you up to do the course from home, work or college.

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“Just passed today couldn’t recommend a better instructor, always makes you feel comfortable when driving and gave me a massive boost in my confidence in driving.”

Harvey W – Barnsley

Re test 5 Hour Intensive Driving Course

This course is suitable if you have had recently failed a driving test and require a few lessons to brush up your skills and take a quick re test. 

Nearly Test Standard 10 Hours Intensive Driving Course

This course is for people with a lot of driving experience and feel they are close to the driving test standard, maybe you have failed in the past and not driven for a few months. 

Nearly there 14 Hours Intensive Driving Course

This course is ideal if you have good car control and require brushing up on manoeuvres. You should have had at least 25 hours of lessons before embarking on this course. 

Halfway There 20 Hours Intensive Driving Course

The Halfway there course is for learners that have good basic car control and have had approximately 20 hours of previous driving experience also popular with learners that have been test standard in the past but have not driven for some time.

Driven Before 25 Hours Intensive Driving Course

This course is suitable for learners who have driven between 10 – 20 hours before. They should have a good knowledge of msm routine, good clutch control and be able to turn left and right and deal with road junctions with guidance. 

Beginners 30 Hours Intensive Driving Course

Confident beginners course is most suited for learners with a small amount of experience under their belt but if you feel you have a natural aptitude towards driving and are generally one of those people that pick things up quick then this may be the course for you. 

Beginners 35 Hour Intensive Driving Course

This course would suit an average learner with little or no previous driving experience. 

Beginners Intensive 40 Hour Driving Course

This course is suitable if you have had no experience in driving before. It gives you just that little bit longer behind the wheel to dot the I’s and cross the T’s. 

Gold Intensive Driving Course

This course is suitable if you have had no experience in driving before. It gives you just that little bit longer behind the wheel. Includes 45 Hours. 

A Few Of Our Recent Passes

intensive driving courses barnsley

Taking your Driving Test Leeds In Barnsley

For students in Barnsley, you remain in luck. Your nearby practical test centre remains in Barnsley itself. However there are the Rotherham and Sheffield test centres nearby.

When learning to drive you will normally invest most of your time driving in the area around your picked test centre. As there is a practical test centre in Barnsley, this implies that you are most likely to be learning on roads that you will later be driving on everyday – standing you in good stead for continued safe driving as soon as you have actually passed your test. Obviously, you need to be prepared to handle any kind of roadway condition and type, but your driving trainer will guarantee you get as much diverse experience as possible prior to your test.

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