Crash Driving Courses

At intensive driving school, we specialise in crash driving courses, one of the most popular ways of passing your driving test in the shortest possible amount of time.

If you are serious about having a crash driving course then you have come to the right company we have 9 Tailor Made crash driving courses for you to choose from ranging from a 5-hour retest course right up to one of our top-of-the-range crash courses being the gold beginners course. Our intensive crash driving courses can be taken over 1 week 10 days or 2 weeks depending on your availability.

Why book a crash driving course with us?

All of our driving instructors are well rehearsed in teaching learner drivers to drive in a condensed crash course. When you book your crash driving course with us you’ll be given the option of having a free theory hazard perception test if you haven’t already passed.

The instructor that will conduct your intensive crash driving course will be professional, polite, courteous and above all very patient, now for the qualities we look for in our customers that want to enroll on an intensive crash driving course you will need to be determined and strong-minded, able to hold concentration for long periods of time and be able to absorb information in a short period of time.

If it sounds like you a crash driving course should be just up your street our customers range from 17 years old itching to get out on the road the more mature students but maybe have been busy with find jobs and have had no time to take driving lessons basis. We have a variety of customers from all walks of life. 

Is an Intensive crash driving courses a good option? 

Crash driving courses and not for everyone great way to learn if you have a natural aptitude towards learning new things and pick things up relatively quickly. if you’re one of those people when they put their mind to it and concentrate can pick things up quite easily you can save a considerable amount of time if you decide to learn to drive in this manner as opposed to taking one lesson per week average learner driver taking around 45 hours of driving tuition to reach the test standard so that equates to around 45 weeks 10 months. learning to drive with a crash driving course you can condense all the hours into a one week driving course or whatever suits your needs thus reducing the time frame considerably and in most cases reducing the number of hours you need.

You might ask yourself why is this the case? It’s simple, if you have lessons week to week each time you get back in the car you have to recap on your last week’s lesson and then start the practicing again, a week is a long time if you lead a busy life so by taking a short period of time out of your busy schedule you can then concentrate solely on learning to drive no distraction or boundaries. This is the reason why it’s quite possible to reduce the time frame and the number of hours of driving tuition you receive.

so not only is it quicker to pass your driving test with one of our crash driving courses but could save you money at the same time that’s why intensive driving courses are becoming more and more popular every year. To learn more about crash driving courses see our article.

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No piggybacking with our crash courses

What is piggybacking? It’s when you’re driving instructor picks up the next pupil towards the end of your lesson before it’s finished. you would then drive home with the next pupil as a passenger in your driving lesson, we consider this to be unfair you have paid for a full lesson not to be running around like a taxi.

The whole process of taking the crash driving course might sound a little daunting but don’t worry we have many years experience and the process is as simple as ABC. all the booking driving tests and theory tests to us we do this on a daily basis and take care of everything start to finish. we wish you every success in your intensive driving course, your success is our reputation. so you can be assured of a professional approach to book in your crash driving course

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What areas do you cover for crash driving courses?

While we cover the whole of the UK for crash driving courses see below a list of our most popular areas covered. If you are unsure if we cover your area please feel free to get in touch and we will be happy to help.