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Intensive Driving Courses Croydon

With a team of dedicated, fully qualified, approved driving instructors, experienced in providing intensive one week and two-week driving courses, Intensive driving School has a very professional team, qualified to take you, the student through their practical test in as short a time as possible, whilst at all times still maintaining a high quality service. Our instructors specialise in teaching intensive driving courses so know exactly how to conduct the lessons to gain maximum potential.

Learning to drive, is a lifelong skill which should be both enjoyed and taken pride in.

We can provide you with a wealth or training materials to help you along the way and give you free access to theory test training to help you pass your theory test. All of our instructors are fully qualified and approved by the DVSA. 

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intensive driving courses croydon

2 day driving course

Re-test 5 Hour Course

This course is suitable if you have had recently failed a driving test and require a few lessons to brush up your skills and take a quick re-test. The Re-test course generally takes place over 2 days but can be changed to suit your schedule.

3 day driving course

Nearly Test Standard 10 Hours  Course

This course is for people with a lot of driving experience and feel they are close to the driving test standard, maybe you have failed in the past and not driven for a few months. This course generally takes place over 3 days with the driving test book for the last day but can be changed to suit your schedule.

4 day driving course

Nearly there 14 Hours Course

This course is ideal if you have good car control and require brushing up on manoeuvres. You should have had at least 25 hours of lessons before embarking on this course. Generally taken over 4 days with the driving test booked for the last day but can be changed according to your schedule.

5 day driving course

Halfway There 20 Hours Course

The Halfway there course is for learners that have good basic car control and have had approximately 20 hours of previous driving experience also popular with learners that have been test standard in the past but have not driven for some time. Generally taken over 5 days with the driving test book for the last day however, this can be changed to suit your commitments.

6 day driving course

Driven Before 25 Hours Course

This course is suitable for learners who have driven between 10 – 20 hours before. They should have a good knowledge of msm routine, good clutch control and be able to turn left and right and deal with road junctions with guidance. This course is taken over 6 days with the driving test booked on the last day however, this can be more or less to suit you.

7 day driving course

Beginners 30 Hours Course

Confident beginners course is most suited for learners with a small amount of experience under their belt but if you feel you have a natural aptitude towards driving and are generally one of those people that pick things up quick then this may be the course for you. The 7 day course is very popular with people starting on the Monday and passing their driving test the following Monday

8 day driving course

Beginners 35 Hour Course

This course would suit an average learner with little or no previous driving experience. You could possibly pass your driving test in just 8 days rather than 8-10 months. This course can be held over more or less days if required.

9 day driving course

Beginners 40 Hour  Course

This course is suitable if you have had no experience in driving before. It gives you just that little bit longer behind the wheel to dot the I’s and cross the T’s. Typically taken over 9 days with the driving test booked for the last day. This can be longer if required to suit your schedule.

10 day driving course

Beginners Gold Course

This course is suitable if you have had no experience of driving before. It gives you just that little bit longer behind the wheel. Includes 45 Hours. Generally taken over 10 days with the driving test booked for the last day however, this course can be arranged over a longer period to suit you.

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intensvie driving courses Croydon

Learning To Drive In Croydon

Croydon is a large town located in South London. Croydon is a highly popular location to learn how to drive in with its great links into London by means of the A23 and its distance to the M25 indicate that once you’ve passed your test, you will have plenty to explore!

The test centre is located near the A236 (Mitcham rd.) with its big Lombard roundabout which is more than likely to appear within your test route. Trainees aiming to learn to drive in Croydon can also make use of the driving test centre located less than a mile away in Mitcham and is a perfect option if availability is tight. All of the manoeuvres that are typically carried out on driving tests are carried out at the test centre which includes reversing into a bay, parallel parking, pulling up on the right, forward parking into a bay and reverse parking.

Our intensive driving courses in Croydon are run by driving instructors local to the chosen test centre, so not only do they have the abilities to provide you the very best opportunity of passing, they can provide you some local understanding and knowledge on the driving test routes which is very helpful.

Manual and automatic cars available to take your intensive driving course.

Unless you find driving a manual car physically difficult we recommend that you learn to drive in a manual car in Croydon. When you pass your test in a manual car you are licensed to drive either manual or automatic. But if you pass the test in an automatic you will need to take the test again to drive a manual car unsupervised. For this reason, many more driving instructors teach in manual cars than automatic.