Are you experiencing Driving Test nerves and need to keep your cool? Our tried and tested pointers and advice will give you the best possibility of a driving test pass without the stress!

Nerves are something that we all suffer with from time to time, however unfortunately, they affect some people much more than others. Below you’ll find some truly helpful recommendations and tips on how to ensure that your Driving Test nerves do not damage your opportunities of accomplishing a pass!


How to fight Driving Test nerves 


In order to combat the dreadful Driving Test nerves, it’s important that you feel confident BEFORE you take your test.

You need to believe that you can do it, and simply remember your instructor would not have suggested you apply if they didn’t believe you was ready!

Practise makes perfect – how to calm nerves prior to your Driving Test

Ensure that you have actually practiced all the manoeuvres and driving regimes that you could be evaluated on in your test a lot of times prior to taking test. This will help you to feel far more confident and help to eradicate those nerves.

The worst thing that can occur is that you start your Driving Test not sure of a specific manoeuvre and the examiner then asking you to complete it. This will not assist your nerves!

Driving Test Tip: If you are struggling on a specific manoeuvre, ask your trainer to spend more time on it.

Assistance and support to fight Driving Test nerves.

Make sure that you have your trainers support. Speak to loved ones about your nerves and anxieties and see if they can offer any recommendations.

Can herbal solutions help with test nerves?

Specific organic treatments such as Kalms can be valuable for some people to help calm Driving Test nerves Ensure that you check out the label and bear in mind that you will require to start taking these a number of weeks prior to your test.

Can breathing aid test nerves?

It might sound weird but breathing workouts can be very helpful to help fight Driving Test nerves. Simple deep breaths whilst concentrating on your breathing will help you to relax and relieve any nerves that may be brewing.


Can bananas help with nerves?

You might have heard driving trainers and students suggesting that you eat a banana prior to your test. They have lots of vitamin B which will assist to calm your nerves.

The main factor for this is that they include tryptophan, a kind of protein that the body converts into serotonin, the ‘happy hormone’.

Can other distractions aid with test nerves?

It’s recommended that you come to the test centre with plenty of time to spare on the day of your test.

Sitting in the waiting room prior to your test starts is often where the majority of individuals begin to feel the real nerves kick in.

Driving Test Tip: Take along something to read to help sidetrack your attention, or why not attempt breathing workouts to assist keep you calm.
Pretend you’re on a driving lesson to help calm the nerves.
If the idea of sitting your Driving Test sends you to jelly, try to think about it as an ordinary driving lesson, but you’ve simply got a replacement instructor in the car.






As long as you keep in mind whatever that you have been taught and you drive to a high sufficient standard, you will pass!