Becoming 17 & 18 is a huge turning point for a lot of factors. You’re working your way through your A-Levels or college, you might be preparing yourself to go to university and you’re lastly able to learn to drive – there’s loads of life changing things taking place! That’s why, with everything going on, it may be simple to put learning to drive on the back burner and consider choosing  to take it up in the future … which’s fine, however we think there are in fact a few good factors for passing your test prior to you leaving school – here’s why!

You have a better possibility of passing at 17 & 18

Think it or not, learners who take their driving exam at 17 are more likely to pass than those who are older! The average pass rate of somebody aged 17 was 55.8%, then it goes to 48.2% at 18. This information also reveals that unfortunately, the older you get, the lower your opportunity of passing becomes – so get in there as early as possible to prevent needing to pay for more than one driving test!

You’ll save money

Passing your test whilst you’re living at your family home suggests you have the option of sharing the family cars, which helps you not needing to hand over money for your own vehicle after the expense of learning to drive! It also means that if you select to get a yearly insurance cover on a parents car, you’ll start to earn your own No Claims discount rate too. This can give excellent cost savings on insurance coverage premiums, so building up your No Claims discount rate as early as possible is always a good thing!

Better job potential

Passing your test before leaving school also assists with job prospects – not only if you’ve left school but also if you get some part-time work whilst you’re still studying. You won’t need to rely on Mum or Dad to take you to and from your part-time job if you have actually passed your test, you can take yourself! It also goes without saying that having a driving licence will offer you better job potential once you’ve left education too!

Get that independence

As you get ready for the last year of your school life, you’re finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and will quickly be a fully-fledged grownup. Yes, this comes with duty, however it comes with a newfound freedom, and driving is a huge part of that. You get your own self-reliance when you can drive and no longer need to rely on unreliable busses or the taxi of Mum & Dad.

Get help from family.

If you pass your test whilst you’re still at school and still living with your parents or carers, they can be on hand to assist you in your driving journey! They’ll likely have years of experience on the roads so can assist you with your revision as a student, taking you for private practice, increasing your driving self-confidence, and much more. They’re also there to assist you learn and develop your self-confidence when it comes to vehicle maintenance which can be a life saver when you’re driving solo!

It’s one less thing to stress over

We understand that being 17 can be a difficult time, juggling everything from exams to deciding which University you want to go to (if any!) however this is the best time to learn to drive. Prior to you moving away from home and have to count every penny, before any major responsibilities – and expenses hit, getting that driving licence under your belt suggests you’ll have one less thing to worry about in the future and for life after school, whether you go to University, full-time work, higher education, apprenticeships and so on – having a driving licence provides you more opportunities and does not restrict you into doing only one thing. The world is your oyster!