You’ve FINALLY got your driving test reserved and it’s just a few days away. Regardless of how good your driving instructor is at teaching you, he or she can’t ensure you pass and it is all down to you. This is your moment, so make certain you DO NOT make the exact same mistakes as most people who have actually failed their test before.

According to the DVSA, the pass rate for the practical driving test in 2019/2012 was 46.4%. With this in mind, we’re going to take a look at a few of the typical reasons that people fail their driving tests.

1. Poor understanding of Junctions

Positioning first on the list every single year. Is poor observation at a junction. You will be offered a fault if you emerge from a junction without finishing ‘reliable observation’ before doing so. This consists of approaching a junction too rapidly, not taking adequate time to observe the challenges around you, and not discovering pedestrians or bicyclists. Make sure you are totally aware and on point when approaching junctions.

2. Failure to utilise your mirrors when changing direction

Driving instructors stress the value of utilising your rear-view and wing mirrors throughout your driving lessons, this is still one of the leading factors individuals fail their tests. You will receive a fault if you forget to examine your mirrors prior to changing lanes or if you examine your mirrors whilst changing lanes. Keep in mind, the proper mirrors should be checked before turning, not throughout or after.

3. Poor steering

While a lot of instructors will inform you to hold the steering wheel at ’10 and 2 ′, this fault mainly considers how well you manage the vehicle, not where you place your hands (unless this affects your handling of the car). An example of this fault is if you hit the kerb and/or cut across the junction when turning. You will also fail your test if you take both hands off the steering wheel or you let it slide through your hands to re-centre.

4. Turning right at a junction

This constantly makes the list and refers to the position of the vehicle when turning right. It’s important to stop just before the junction and place the cars and truck to the left of the centre line. The most typical reasons for getting a fault here are a lack of observation and approaching the junction too quickly, which means you don’t have adequate time to place the car correctly.

With intensive driving courses the pass rate is typically higher than taking weekly lessons. We cover the majority of the UK including Manchester, London, Birmingham, Sheffield, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool and Nottingham. Wherever you live we probably have an instructor in your area ready to help you pass your driving test.

These are the leading 4 reasons why individuals fail the practical driving test, there are plenty more common reasons people fail their driving test, be sure to check our blog regularly to check updates and related articles.